January 29, 2015 Mayan mythology at the Mesa

Professor Tom Capuano and two Casa residents (former and current) made the January 29 Mesa de Conversación the place to marvel over the Mayan mythology of the Popol Vuh. Elizabeth Ditch and Keilah Sullivan are studying the civilization and cultures of Guatemala in preparation for their March, 2015 internship at the San Lucas Mission in San Lucas Tolimán with the Guatemala Stove Project. They will be assisting this NGO with the construction of new stoves in Mayan campesino communities, in an effort to improve indoor air quality and help prevent smoke-related illnesses.

January 12, 2015 — Club de Film y Poesía Derriba la Casa

The Film and Poetry Club brought down the house on the evening of January 12 with poetry readings by Professor Lidice Alemán and Professor José Carreño, and breathtaking English translations by Emma Merrigan of selections of Maridos  (2007) by Angeles Mastretta. Emma has been specializing in technical and literary translation at Truman, Lidice read from her “Ultimos apuntes,” and José Carreño, who just had his Vigilias published in Mexico (2014) read selected poems. Casa residents got to enjoy live poetry — the best kind there is — in all its human intensity!

New leadership for Spring 2015!

On December 19 the baton was passed to Sebastian Maldonado, the new Student Assistant (“SA”) of the Romance Language House. Sebas extends a warm welcome to all current and future / prospective residents for the Fall 2015, and looks forward to fielding your comments, questions and emails about whether the Casa is the place for you. Contact him at sgm8732@truman.edu.

We’re ready for a great year!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a full month since classes have started! We are well into September, and off to a great start!


So far, we’ve hit up the “beach” at Thousand Hills, gone to the first Truman football game, and have also been gathering around every Sunday night to watch Spanish and French TV shows. Some of the residents have also started to learn some basic Portuguese with Julianna, and other residents are learning Catalan with Dr. Capuano.


Resident Derek presented about Picasso’s influence in Spanish art history on Sept. 15th for Sigma Delta Pi. Derek also helped make quesadillas to sell on the quad with Sigma Delta Pi as a fundraiser. Keilah has been going to Milan to volunteer with people that speak Spanish as their native language, and are interested in learning English. Sebastian has been involved in HALO.


Last week, we had three students present about their travel abroad experiences to the rest of our house. Derek talked about his summer study abroad program in Quebec, Keilah talked about her mission trip to Guatemala, and Mia talked about her year abroad in Belguim through Rotary Youth Exchange. We are lucky to have had many students go abroad because we can learn so much from them without even leaving Truman!

We’ve had great attendance at our weekly Spanish and French Conversation table on Thursdays. It’s nice to see people that don’t live in our hallway join us as well!


We are looking forward to next Wednesday, which will be our first Spanish Movie/Poetry Club meeting of the semester. Professors Dr. Carreño and Dr. Aleman will be leading a workshop about the Cuban film “Los Dioses Rotos.” We’re excited to be able to talk and analyze the film with them!


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New Leadership

Congratulations to Julianna Fellows, who was selected as the new Student Advisor for the Romance Language House. Julianna was a resident of the house during the 2012-2013 school year. She has studied abroad in places like Brazil and Ecuador, and she continues to study Latin American culture in college. Julianna will assume her role in August 2014.

Congratulations once again!

Welcome to our Room - Copy

What have we done?

This year the residents of the ROML House have been busy. Many joined clubs and are now leading some clubs in some way, shape or form! They haven’t however forgotten about their friends back in Casa. Here’s a look back at some pictures from this year.

Snow Fun                                                     sleepy residents

Ridiculous Relays


Red Barn Festival Students


Red Barn 2

Pep Rally

party time


Move In

MO Hall Formal

Lounge 2


Hy Vee Trip

HvZ SemasHalloween Guys

Halloween Girls

Fun in the Snow

Friends from Casa

Flamenco Performance

First Days

Dia de los Muertos

Activities Fair

Trip to Milan

This past Saturday, residents of the Romance Language House traveled to Milan, MO. They were able to eat authentic Mexican cuisine at the San Marcos Taqueria. Everyone also had the opportunity to shop at the Flor de Mexico Mexican Store. It was tons of fun for the residents and Alejandro. For all of you who bought them; enjoy your delicious Jarritos!




¡Bienvenidos a casa!

¡Quiero darles la bienvenida a casa a todos nuestros residentes! Estoy emocionado por todas las actividades que haremos este semestre y espero que todos los residentes disfruten de ellas. ¡Buena suerte con el semestre que comienza mañana!- Alejandro

Winter Break!

It’s been a long semester and everyone is ready to go home for a break! Luckily this is going to be a month-long break from school. Everyone has enjoyed their time in the Romance Language House, and we’ve all gotten to really know each other. There are lots of awesome things planned for next semester, and hopeful you all will rested and ready to go! Safe trips home, and happy holidays.

It’s fall and chilly in Kirksville



Boy is it chilly out there! Sorry for not keeping everyone up-to-date on what we are doing around the ROML House. It’s been a long three weeks, and we’ve all been busy with school, the house, and other activities. On Oct. 18th we had our second Student Facilitated Discussion. It was led by residents Sara Murillo and Carlos Vogt, and had an attendance of about 10 people which is over half the house.

On Oct. 20th we enjoyed some delicious “tacos dorado” during our first Latin Cooking Night. This was led by residents Lydia Bagnall and Keilah, and Student Advisor Alejandro Dominguez. It was a great time, and there was some dancing after dinner. See picture below

We continue to have our weekly “Mesa de Conversación”. Check out a picture below too. There are many more things to do before the semester is over, and we’ll make sure you are informed!

If you are visiting Truman during a showcase remember to stop by our table and get some more information. If you are interested in applying for residence for the 2014-2015 school year, click the Application tab and submit your application.

roml logo2New ROML House Logo

Latin Cooking

2013-10-20 17.50.33

2013-10-20 18.10.26

2013-10-20 18.10.37

2013-10-20 18.10.09

2013-10-20 17.50.43

MO Hall Formal


Mesa de Conversación


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